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Need UK Delivery within 24 hours ? Usually no problem, and no extra charge. For advice on buying our any of our products, call us 7 days a week on UK Freephone 0800 01 88844

Most customers use our secure Online payment system, but you may wish to use one of our flexible Offline payment options instead. Customers outside the UK are welcome to pay in a variety of currencies other than British pounds - to change the currency shown on our website, simply select a new currency from the select box at the top right hand corner of most of the pages on our site.

Our very secure ONLINE Payment system is managed by WorldPay (Royal Bank of Scotland). Before you submit any credit card details, you will be transferred to a secure server. To pay ONLINE, simply add your product to your cart and then, from your cart page, click the "Checkout" button. Once you have input your address details, you can then choose our online payment option.

To pay OFFLINE, simply add your product to your cart and then, from your cart page, click the "Checkout" button. Once you have input your address details, you can then choose our OFFLINE payment option. Alternatively, you can communicate your order to us by phone, fax or email. OFFLINE Payments include Bank Transfer, Cheque, and Offline Credit Card payments. Cheque payments are currently only available for customers in the UK, France or Germany. To make an offline credit card payment, you can send us your card details by email to (please split credit card number over 2 emails for complete security), or tell us them over the telephone - UK Freephone 0800 01 88844. If you make your offline payment by bank transfer or cheque, we ask you to confirm your payment by as this enables us to process your order in advance and offer a speedier service.

Offline Credit Card Payment
You my send us your credit card details by telephone or email:

UK Freephone
US & non-UK customers

UK customers
US & non-UK customers


0800 01 888 44
+44 800 01 88844


*To assure security, we recommend you split your credit card number over 2 emails.

Payment by PayPal
Please send your funds to   

Payment by Cheque
UK bank account holders only
Please send your cheque, made payable to Garling Consulting Ltd, to:
Garling Consulting Ltd is the company which owns Museumgiftshop.co.uk.


Garling Consulting Ltd
Stowe Warehouse
Unit 4
Combs Tannery
IP14 2EN
United Kingdom

Bank Transfer
Into our UK bank account


Account holder:
Sort Code:
Account No.:

Natwest Bank
Cheltenham Branch
31 Promenade
Glos GL50 1LH

Garling Consulting Ltd

GB57 NWBK 6005 1616 4349 35

Offline Payment Abroad


Bank Transfer
Ordre de paiement:
N° Compte etc.:
Banque Populaire de Lorraine
Garling Consulting Ltd
veuillez nous contacter svp

Offline Credit Card Payment
04 67 31 71 88

Cheque Payment
Payable to:

Send to:
Garling Consulting Ltd

Garling Consulting Ltd
Domaine La Gaillague
34440 Colombiers


Bank Transfer


Sparkasse Saarbruecken
Neumarkt 17
66117 Saarbruecken

Garling Consulting Ltd
590 501 01
Your name or order number

DE62 5905 0101 0050 6120 50

Offline Credit Card Payment
(06806) 300 367

Cheque Payment
Payable to:

Send to:
Garling Consulting Ltd

Garling Consulting Ltd
Rittenhofer Str 12
66346 Püttlingen

Are you Outside the UK? - although we are UK-based, we do offer a European, US & worldwide shipping service. Just add the product to your cart and then select the delivery country on our cart page - delivery charges are calculated automatically ...

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